We are dedicated to producing the highest quality coconut shell charcoal briquettes and have implemented rigorous quality control measures throughout the entire production process, including shell selection and final packaging. Our production capability is 150 tons per month of exceptional briquettes.

Raw Material Preparation: The first step in the production process of briquettes is to prepare the raw materials. This typically involves collecting, chipping, or grinding the materials into small pieces. The size of the details will depend on the type of briquette press being used, as well as the desired final product. Standard raw materials used for making coconut charcoal briquettes.

Mixing and Binding: After the raw materials are crushed and then all the excess ash been removed, they are mixed with a binding product, such as an eco-friendly binder as tapioca starch, until the charcoal powder is all uniformly coated. The binding supervisor helps to hold the briquette together and gives it the strength to withstand the compression process. The mixture is then fed into a briquette press.

Compression: Once the raw materials are mixed and bound, the next step is compressing them into the desired shape and size. Compressing is done using a briquette press, which applies high pressure to the mixture to compact it into a tight, solid briquette. The stress and temperature used during the compression process will depend on the type of raw materials and binding product.

Drying: After the briquettes have been compressed, they are dried to remove any excess moisture. The drying process is done in a oven and can take several hours, even days, depending on the humidity levels and the size of the briquettes. The drying process is critical to the final product, ensuring that the briquettes will burn efficiently and produce minimal smoke and ash.

Packaging and Shipping: Once the briquettes are dry, they are ready for packaging and shipping. We are packaged in plastic-infused paper bags and sold in bulk or smaller quantities. After that, as a charcoal briquettes company we add the branding, labelling other marketing information to the packaging.

Quality Control: Quality control is an essential step in the production process. We ensure the consistency and quality of the final product. This includes testing for moisture content, density, and combustion properties. These properties help to ensure that the final product will burn efficiently and produce minimal smoke and ash.

In summary, the production process of briquettes involves several steps, including raw material preparation, mixing and binding, compression, and drying. Each step is critical to producing high-quality long burning charcoal briquettes that will burn efficiently and produce minimal smoke and ash. Additionally, quality control is vital to ensure consistency and quality of the final product. With the right equipment and expertise, it is possible to produce briquettes on a small scale for personal use or on a large scale for commercial use.